The voodoo shop

The Voodoo Bone Lady Owns The #1 Voodoo Shop In New Orleans. We were recently rated #1 By USA TODAY 10 Best as the #1 Voodoo Establishment In The City. The Voodoo Bone Lady Voodoo Shop Is located at 628 Royal Street and is open 1pm-11pm 7 days/week. We offer Voodoo Dolls, Love Potions, Blessed Candles, Incense, Oils, Crystals, Beads, Readings, Rituals and pretty much anything Spiritual or Metaphysical that you can imagine! In the shop you will see Altars, Vintage Voodoo Dolls from Africa, Haiti and New Orleans. Our phone number for the shop is 504-323-5828. Because we stay very busy there are no free consultations over the shop phone. If you would like to purchase a spiritual 15-minute spiritual consultation, not reading, with The Voodoo Bone Lady(tm) please click here. We currently have not added all of the thousands of wonderful spiritual items that we have to the web, but you can call the shop and make orders over the phone, at any time, for shipping. Visit us for a spell! We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to real, authentic Voodoo!

Be Blessed,